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- one of the most important things lacking in the world today.

Everyone is in search of hope and a purpose, especially in today's environment.

The true hope that these seekers need is found in Jesus Christ,

not in a form of optimism or good karma.


To reach beyond the traditional Christian audience and impact those throughout mainstream culture with creative, story-driven, and faith-infused films.

With the ever-changing times that we live in, urgency dictates that our films should be produced as soon as possible. So, instead of taking the time to start a non-profit, we set-up a fund with NCF (National Christian Foundation). The funds raised for the J.B. Movies Fund will be sent to our fiscal sponsor which works with for-profit faith-based films, such as ours.


This is a funding route that many faith-based productions have chosen recently, including "The Chosen" TV series, with much success. This funding apparatus allows supporters to make tax-deductible donations towards a project or group of projects (*see more information via the DONATE button below).


(This list will not necessarily be completed in chronological order and does not include all projects.)

Angels Among Us

(Feature Film)

After experiencing a supernatural encounter, a retired police detective hunts down clues to prove whether angels really exist. He meets four other people who have also had a similar experience along the way.

Child of the Crimson Skye

(Feature Film)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a special orphan is being guided to safety deep in the mountains to a place called Haven, meanwhile a dictator’s army is in hot pursuit to capture her.

(We plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from “Child of the Crimson Skye” to a Christian adoption agency to make it more affordable for those trying to adopt.)

The Seven Medallions

(Children's TV Series)

Seven orphans travel through time. They meet pirates, knights, explorers, and occasionally important historical Christian leaders. The orphans start to learn that family isn’t always blood-related, instead it’s those you learn to trust on your journey.

(We plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from “The Seven Medallions” to a Christian adoption agency to make it more affordable for those trying to adopt.)

"The Seven Medallions" TV Series

In the Valley of the Shadow

(Feature Film)

A single mom becomes stranded in the winter wilderness with no hope of rescue. Her faith is challenged as she struggles to survive, find her way back to civilization, and reunite with her child before it’s too late.

"In the Valley of the Shadow" Film

Do you want to help create an alternative to Hollywood?

*Consider making a tax-deductible donation to the J.B. Movies Fund:

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