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J.B. Movies LLC is a family-friendly film and video production studio based in the Central Michigan area. It offers scriptwriting and editing services as well as film consulting, directing, and producing.

President, CEO: John Wayne Bosley


Born on an Air Force Base in North Dakota, John Wayne Bosley was named after the legendary actor John Wayne. He began writing screenplays at the age of twelve and was involved in drama and theater throughout high school and college. In 2008, he completed his first feature film, The Allan Carter Saga: Amnesia (which he affectionately calls his “student film”). After touring the state of Maine with the film and teaching a couple film-making workshops, he began to work on his second feature film, The House that Jack Broke. This second film toured Michigan in various theaters and sold out in the Detroit-area during 2013.

As a filmmaker, John wore all hats on his first two productions: including writing, directing, producing, editing, color correction, sound, effects, music scoring, DVD creation, and even acting. He learned how to cut costs while still being able to keep his artistic flair and create an entertaining cinematic story. John started filming commercials and events in 2013 and then worked as a contractual television editor from 2014 to 2018 at Rusted Rooster Media. (Rusted Rooster's TV shows are varied, airing on Animal Planet, Outdoor TV, Discovery, and Sportsman Channels.) While working for Rusted Rooster Media, he spearheaded J.B. Movies' first family-friendly feature, The Heart of a Dancer, which gained worldwide distribution.

J.B. Movies recently attached a well-loved star to its latest faith-based family-friendly feature film, Angels Among Us. The pitch trailer for Angels Among Us was released in October 2019 and the company is currently in talks with possible investors. While in this stage of pre-production, John couldn't sit idle and shot the short film SEE, which was considered for the best lead actor in a short film award.

John edits TV shows, films, acting reels, commercials, and social media videos from his home office in Michigan. When he is not on the set, he enjoys writing, road trips, music, chocolate, and watching movies along with his wife and four kids.

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