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Goodbye: one of the hardest words to say. This is especially true if you’re a young person who has lost a close loved-one such as a parent, sibling, or grandparent.

So many people need to know that “It’s Okay to Cry”. It’s okay to admit that you can be broken inside when someone you love has died. This short film is about a teenage girl who has lost her mother to cancer. She can’t come to terms with the reality of that loss, so her stepfather takes her to the horse farm she used to visit with her mother. He hopes she’ll open up as she is around the horses and that her time there will become a form of therapy for her.


The short film will be filmed in the Newburgh, Indiana area and will star the incredible young actress, Arianna Pettitt (one of the leads of the short film “Child of the Crimson Skye”). The director describes Arianna as a “diamond in the rough”. He believes she is the next Millie Bobby Brown or Dakota Fanning.  She has a natural way of expressing her character’s emotions in very dramatic scenes. She doesn’t just shed the necessary tears needed for a dramatic scene, but she also shows authentic-looking pain with her eyes. The director has been so impressed with Arianna’s recent work that he plans to have her play the lead in the feature film version of “Child of the Crimson Skye”.

A sample of Arianna's recent work:

The “Goodbye” short film is based off this monologue:

Click here to learn more about this short film and support what we are doing.


One of the ways in which we are raising funds for this film is to offer businesses an opportunity to be featured in the opening and ending credits. (We’ll also record a thank-you video for each business as well and promote it on social media.) The cost to be featured and help this small local production is just $200.

If you are a business that would like to support this production but would rather pay per business check, please contact the producer at: with the subject heading: Goodbye Short Film Business Sponsorship.

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